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Text Message Marketing – an interactive marketing technique that utilizes text messaging – is increasingly being used by consumer brands, TV and radio stations, entertainers, sports teams, and many other large, national organizations to provide alerts, offers, news, deals, updates, coupons, and other time-sensitive information to their customers, wherever those customers may be.

Email Read Rate 21% ( varies by industry )

Text Message Read Rate = 97%

Local Ingenuity designs, develops, and executes text message marketing campaigns of varying sizes, and is expert at developing comprehensive text message marketing and communication solutions that have many ”moving parts”. Local Ingenuitys' Mobile Marketing technology platform consists of text messaging and databox monitoring components that are typically combined to create sophisticated, integrated mobile solutions for its clients.


Text Messaging Program Overview

Local Ingenuity offers a low cost texting platform by which you can build an opted-in database of subscribers, and then send text alerts to them as needed. We have many pizzeria clients who use this service very effectively to drive repeat business.

•  Subscribers sign up to receive text alerts from you by texting your unique mobile keyword to our short code ( example 52525 ). Your keyword is typically your business name or an industry specific keyword.


Example: “Text FRANKSPIZZA to 52525 to get updates and offers from us once a week”


Put this verbiage on a sign in your window, in your print ads, on flyers, on posters, on your menu, on table tents… everywhere! Soon you will have a sizable subscriber base.


•  Once you build a subscriber base in this manner, you use the Local Ingenuity Messaging Portal to compose and schedule your messages, and blast them out to your subscribers. The texts are delivered through our Mobile Messaging Platform, so that the “sending phone number” will appear as 52525.


•  Send out “football specials” on Sunday afternoon, “after school” specials to catch the high school and junior high crowd, “mid-week” specials for the busy family, etc.


•  If you have a mobile website, embed a link to your mobile website right in the text message. So, you should set up a “Specials” page in the Menu section of the website, and drive your customers directly to that page with a link in text message.

Fredericksburg Mobile Marketing - Text Message Advertising

Benefits of Mobile Marketing are numerous but high among them would be the IMMEDIATE communication with your subscriber list. Imagine having a Slow night at your restaurant, movie theatre, bowling alley, etc... and having the ability send out a special offer that would garner IMMEDIATE results. A Slow Tuesday night turns into a GREAT Tuesday night. Or, ...Your window washing company or lawn care company has a cancellation and you need to fill in the spot on your schedule or risk losing the expiring commodity of time. With mobile marketing, you can IMMEDIATELY reach your subscriber base letting them know of your availabiltiy.


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